Managing Mood Swings

At the beginning of the pregnancy, a woman becomes oversensitive, short-tempered and overall moody. She will portray conflicting emotions.

Yet all women may not react in a similar way, some are overjoyed at the thought of welcoming a baby, while others are busy imagining life changing with the new addition in the family. Concerns about how the baby will affect their lives, relationship with their partner, family’s future finances, whether the baby will be healthy or not and many more concerns will be forming in their mind.

Why so moody?

It’s natural to have mood swings during pregnancy as chemical changes within affects the neurotransmitters. The reason for such changes in mood can be due to Hormonal changes, PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome), Drug, Caffeine, and Insufficient Sleep. Gestation can be a stressful time. The reason behind this is sharp dips in blood sugar, as mentioned above hormonal changes, and water retaining. All of these factors can cause a woman’s mood to sway in seconds.

Majority of the women experience this temperamental characteristic at around 6th to 10th week, decreasing to a certain level in second trimester, re-emerges in the conceiving weeks namely 35th to 40th week.

Handle mood swings?

Even if the baby is very much wanted, once in a while, feelings about the pregnancy and about the future concern the woman. She starts feeling unattractive, fat, ugly, experiences feeling low and depressed.  But this confusion is perfectly fine because every woman who passes through this stage of life has similar feelings.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is the medicine. Proper rest or relaxation is must for pregnant women.

Moreover, mood swings can be best handled with at least 8 hours of sleep.

Don’t stay alone

It’s really important for a woman to be surrounded by family and people who constantly keep a watch on what she needs.

Drink water

Water is the better option over the sugary cold drinks. Adequate amount of water intake not only keeps your body healthy but also helps keep the mood swings at bay.

Find a hobby

A hobby can help as a distraction from the negative or annoying thoughts that come into mind.

Get enough Exercise

Exercise, massage, yoga, meditation are the best options to cope with the mood swings.

Try out these tips one by one and see which one works for you.



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