Why Are Tampons Not as Popular as Sanitary Pads in India?

Vaguely 95% of female population in India don’t know about tampons or how to use them.


  1. Tampons are associated with virginity. A girl using a tampon means she is not a virgin.

It is important to know that you will NOT lose your virginity by wearing tampons made by reputed companies like Tampax and OB.
The hymen is a thin, flexible layer that partially covers the opening of the vagina. It does not completely cover the opening, as there is a small gap to let menstrual fluid out. The tampon can easily slip through this gap without breaking the hymen.

  1. It is difficult to use. It hurts. Imagine a finger shaped cylinder inserted in you for long time.

Tampons are easy to use.
If it has been completely inserted, you will not be able to feel anything. If you feel that you have something between your legs when you walk or sit, you have not inserted it completely. You will need to push it deep in.

Pros of wearing a tampon:

  • No menstrual odour
  • Hygienic
  • Want to swim when you’re having your periods?! Go tampons!
  1. Tampon can get lost inside your body.

The tampon rests just below the cervix which has a very tiny opening. A tampon is too big to pass through the cervix. The vaginal muscles are strong enough to hold the tampon on place until you pull the string to remove it.

  1. Tampons are costly.

A packet of Whisper (8pads) cost you around 80 Rupees.
Duration of menstrual cycle-on an average 4 days.
2 pads a day=4*2=8pads
Total = Rs.80/month

O.B Regular tampons (pack of 20) – Rs.175
O.B Super tampons for heavy flow (pack of 10)-Rs. 110

(Assuming you need Super tampons on day 2 only)
Day 1 – 2 Regular tampons= Rs.17.5
Day 2- 2 Super tampons=Rs. 22
Day 3- 2 Regular tampons= Rs 17.5


And did I forget to mention that period reduce by a day after wearing a tampon ?!
This is completely normal
, and it happens because the blood takes around a day to travel down the vaginal opening. When you insert a tampon, the blood gets absorbed from within the vagina, cutting down the amount that actually flows out.

Ok, anyway, if you count it as 4 days then Rs.57 + 4th day (2 tampons = Rs.17.5) = Rs. 74.5 !

Also, Tampons are not marketed like sanitary napkins in India.
So there is less awareness about it.

Dr. Niyotee Koranne
I’m a Physiotherapist along with being an internationally rated chess player by FIDE.



Dr. Niyotee Koranne

Dr. Niyotee Koranne

I'm a Physiotherapist along with being an internationally rated chess player by FIDE.

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